Saugeen Rail Trail

Trail Access

Official trail head is located in Port Elgin on River Street, a few blocks east of Highway 21. Parking is also available on the 10th Concession east of Highway 21.

In Port Elgin, the trail can be accessed at the following intersections:

6th Concession east of Highway 21 and at River Street.

In Southampton, access is at South Street just west of Highway 21 and just past Wellington Street, due west of Highway 21.

  • a) 6th Concession East off Hwy 21
  • b) Louis St. South of the Saugeen
        District High School
  • c) River St. East of Hwy 21
  • d) Concession 10 East of Hwy 21
  • e) McNabb St. at Peel St.
  • f)  Grosvenor St. at Peel St.
  • g) South St. West of Hwy 21
  • h) East of the Plex

Take Hwy. 10 north to Hwy. 21 Southampton/Port Elgin.  Take Hwy 21 (west) all the way up to Port Elgin.  If you want to start in Port Elgin, find the Twin Cinemas on Goderich Street, at the north end of town, and turn east there on to River Street.  Go 2 blocks. On the left side in the second block you find the SRT Trail Head with an informational kiosk.

If you want to start in Saugeen Township take Hwy. 21 north from Port Elgin to Concession 10. Travel west (east to) just behind the Bruce County Library for a about a quarter of a mile.  You can park and then go either north or south on the Trail.

If you want to start in Southampton take Hyw. 21 (to the south end of Southampton to McNabb Street (at the Beer Store). Perkins Park is across the road on the west side, and you can start there.

You also can access the Trail at the Peel/Grosvenor St. parking area where you can view an attractive Saugeen RailTrail welcome sign designed by GW Signs.  The Nancy Forsythe Memorial Park/Lilac Arboretum and Memorial Site  are also in this area where you can take a refreshing pause before  commencing  on your  trail journey.

You can also access the Trail at the south end of Port Elgin at the 6th concession. Turn east off highway 21 at the lights. Travel about a half a mile to this gorgeous part of the trail that will soon connect with MacGregor Provincial Park.